“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” ― Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird / Week 14 of 52

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Go check out Kimberlys : http://kimberose.blogspot.com/2014/04/week-14harper-lee.html

I've actually never read To Kill a Mockingbird...and didn't realize Harper Lee was a women until I saw a picture of her on Kimberly's post..yeahhh for real  : )


  1. whaaat? no way....you have to drive down to the library and check it out right now!! :)

  2. Haha I know! I think we might own it which makes it worse!

  3. I really want to read 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' as well... wow, so it was written by a lady? I never knew that. God bless!

  4. wow, i didn't realize harper lee was a woman either. i really should read how to kill a mockingbird someday...


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